Facts you must know about a mini gastric bypass

Facts you must know about a mini gastric bypass

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Everyone’s heard of the gastric bypass surgery, but did you know there is now a lesser-known version of this operation?

Call it the “Mini Gastric Bypass” if you will.

Bariatric surgeons are using it more and more to treat obese patients who need help, but don’t want their stomach reduced to the point that they can’t have junk food anymore.

The problem is that the mini gastric bypass Dubai isn’t really so mini. It still reduces the stomach to about 15 percent of its original size, but it does not rearrange any organs or parts like the gastric bypass operation. Not only does it not reduce the stomach, but neither does it create a small pouch like in other types of weight loss operations. In fact, it’s more like a straight-across cut rather than an upside down Y shape.

But some bariatric surgeons and even the best laparoscopic surgeon Dubai are even performing another approach called “Incomplete Gastric Bypass”. Again, this doesn’t rearrange any organs, but instead creates a sleeve where the stomach is reduced from 3 ounces to 1 ounce. This type of operation is called “laparoscopic” because the surgeon does it through small incisions with a laparoscope, which is a long narrow tube with a light and camera.

These are undoubtedly weight loss operations, but they take less time to perform than gastric bypass surgery. The average hospital stay after these procedures is only one night as opposed to three or four days for gastric bypass. And the recovery time also takes half as long – typically 2 weeks instead of 4. But there’s no denying that this approach costs less money – about $15,000 compared to roughly double that amount for gastric bypass surgery.

However, bariatric surgeons in private practice have been charging insurance companies more just because they can. The price for the mini gastric bypass operation will probably go down as more surgeons do it and insurance companies become more aware of what their policies cover, and how much they’re willing to pay.

In my opinion, these surgeries are good alternatives but not necessarily “mini” when it comes to weight loss. They create smaller stomachs so your food intake is reduced considerably – about 1/5th the size (10% reduction in volume). But that’s a 50% reduction in calories which means you’ll lose weight fast! From personal experience I can tell you that this surgery isn’t easy or cheap, but It works if done properly. Once again… just because your doctor performs a certain procedure doesn’t mean he knows how to do it. The most important aspect of any weight loss surgery is proper aftercare and you should make sure your surgeon has plenty of post-op experience before going under the knife.

As with any type of bariatric surgery, there are risks involved so make sure to get all the information/facts before making a decision.