How should you co-operate with your Immigration consultant?

How should you co-operate with your Immigration consultant

While immigration consultants do their best to facilitate a client, the client too needs to focus on certain aspects when presenting their case through a consultant.

Don’t hide anything from your consultant

Immigration consultants will ask for several documents, credentials and other required paperwork. If you are missing out on anything or have an issue in a document, do let them know. Hiding anything from your immigration consultant will only create problems for you. Sharing your concerns with them will probably make things easier.

Be honest with them

It is rightly said that if your intentions are pure, you will get what you want. Be honest to yourself, and the people around. The top immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada are there to assist you in migrating from where you are to the place you want to be in. If you have something in your past that may become a hurdle in your immigration application, you must tell your immigration consultant about it.

Do not doubt their experience and expertise

Immigration consultants are qualified and experienced individuals. If you have hired an immigration consultancy for your processing, you should be rest assured that all your matters will be handled proficiently. There is no doubt about their expertise and their intentions for you as it is their job & responsibility to do their best to fulfill all your requirements.

Do consider them human beings

Visa consultants in Delhi are not super humans, give them time and space and do consider that they have their personal lives as well. Keep on calling them day and night and troubling them with question and answer sessions on daily basis is not ethical. Respect and value their time and personal space.

Don’t blame them for delays

Immigration is a tedious and time consuming process. Sometimes the authorities take longer to process your application and delays have no such reasons behind them. It is not the fault of your immigration consultant so blaming them will not solve your issue. Instead, take them in confidence and discuss what might be hindering and slowing down the process. Immigration consultants usually have contacts with government offices and agents therein, which might help you in finding out the reasons behind delays and discrepancies.

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