4 Reasons to Have Smart Business Cards

4 Reasons to Have Smart Business Cards

In today’s modern world, smart business cards in Dubai are becoming increasingly popular. They are more affordable, but they can be communicated virtually anywhere. Paper business cards can be costly, inefficient, and even useless as the COVID19 pandemic sweeps the nation. Instead of wasting time and money trying to maintain them, smart business cards are the future. Read on to learn more about this new trend in business cards.


Custom smart business cards are a unique way to make an impression. Their innovative technology offers instant brand awareness and the bonus of a USB drive. The USB drive can be inserted by prospects to launch your website or promotional materials, making it a great way to get your contact’s attention and help them decide to buy from you. Additionally, these cards offer space for your text, notes, and artwork.

More eco-friendly

While many businesses use traditional paper business cards, it is possible to create an eco-friendly alternative. Smart business cards are made of recycled materials that reduce waste and pollution. The wood pulp used in these cards is usually FSC certified and is sourced from sustainable forests. Many eco-friendly business cards are also compostable, which means that they break down into nutrient-rich materials used to grow new plants.


A Smart Digital Business Card is the modern replacement for a traditional business card. It uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to transfer information from one device to another. This type of business card can be displayed on a smartphone and used to break the ice with prospects and clients. However, it is not as convenient as a physical Business Card. With a Smart Digital Business Card, you no longer worry about carrying around a bulky card.

Boosts lead generation

While the traditional business card may provide contact information for new clients, many small businesses are now using the digital business card to expand their email marketing list and generate new leads. These leads can be nurtured with new offers and converted into new clients faster. Use CRM software to coordinate your social media ads and emails with your email campaigns and improve lead generation through digital business cards. These two marketing methods cost 62% less than traditional forms of advertising but can yield three times as many new leads.

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