Things to Consider When Choosing an ERP Software Company

Things to Consider When Choosing an ERP Software Company

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When you are choosing an ERP software company in UAE, things to consider are not the only factor that will determine the quality of services you will receive. A lot of small but vital details will go a long way in determining the eventual outcome as well. The size and scope of your company will affect your ERP software choice in drastic ways. This is especially so if you want to integrate a wide variety of modules. It’s also important to consider the time factor – with any system you choose, you’ll have to devote a considerable amount of time to training and educating your employees before your implementation.

Before buying ERP software, you need to understand what it is for. This means considering the difference between a soft and a hard ERP. In a soft ERP, information is entered or modified in one area while in a hard ERP system, data is entered from different modules according to need. ERP softwares are generally more flexible and allow for changes to be made according to evolving organizational needs. On the other hand, hard ERP systems are more rigid in nature and restricted in their modifications. Most organizations now prefer the former due to its flexible features and the fact that it’s easy to learn and use.

There are other things to consider when choosing an ERP software provider or a SAP partner in UAE, including the types of support extended. The reason why you would want to contract with a third party software provider is because they can train you and educate you on the ins and outs of your ERP system. A good third party company will also keep your technical issues at bay as they handle everything from installation to upgrade maintenance.

Another factor is the pricing structure of the company you are looking for. Some organizations need to have full-fledged ERP systems while others may only want to complement their present system with an ERP. There are also other companies who have an existing infrastructure to run the ERP software while there are others who will develop the ERP software from scratch. It all depends on your organizational needs, so figure this out first and foremost.

You should also look for the licensing options the software company offers. Some of them offer a free lifetime license, while others require a monthly payment. Another thing to consider is the technical support provided by the company. You need to be sure that the team lead is knowledgeable about your organization’s ERP systems and has experience handling similar systems.